Since our wedding, we have avoided every reason to plan ANYTHING....

As expected, the holidays sparked the planner in me and I decided to get "domesticated". I’ve always been the type of host that said, “Bring whoever! The more the merrier!”. The older I get, I’ve become more focused on smaller gatherings leaving more room for quality time than packed parties with little to no room to say anything more than, “Hello”. 

So I hopped onto Pinterest to gain some serious inspo and long and behold, I was inspired to host an intimate outdoor Friendsgiving. I thought it would be refreshing to feel the brisk Fall air and warm our souls with some mulled wine and tasty food. We recycled our wedding napkins, picked the apples and greenery from fallen branches in the backyard, and swooped all of our candles from every corner of the house. To add a festive touch, I tied rosemary into little wreaths with hemp and my Mom wrote, “grateful", place holders because my handwriting is chicken scratch and hers tied in the decor beautifully. 

Our lunch was made from love, filled with love and full of love. Hope this spreads some love to you!

Happy Holidays!