Blue Jean Baby

You can never go wrong with a good pair of jeans. Unless that pair is made mostly of spandex, over-worn and your crotch looks like a crinkly Lola (Granny in Tagalog). 

The moment my husband proposed, it was goodbye to every music festival, every night out on the town and every penny because it was 'Let's-pay-for-our-wedding-ourselves-and-make-a-decent-salary-but-see-none-of-it-Time!'. That was our life for a year and half and although we learned practical money saving habits, I found that I owned one pair of jeans that desperately needed to go. 

Unfortunately, that 'Crinkly Lola Crotch' was my situation and when I finally had a chance to make a jean investment, I nearly blacked out and splurged.