Lost in: Chiangmai, Thailand

Chiangmai was the first place during our travels where we really felt at home. It had this chill, small town vibe with craft and artisan foods everywhere we turned. Despite the large amount of tourists, the Thai natives were very welcoming, warm and not once yelled at me when I butchered their language...I butchered it a lot. Here is a list of some of my favorite spots in Chiangmai. 

Hope these spots make you fall in love with Chiangmai as much as we did!



1. Wat Phrathat Doi Suthep - Stunning temple at the top of this mountain that looks over all of Chiangmai. It was without a doubt a spiritually invigorating experience for both Stef and I. We left with our hearts full in complete awe. 

2. Rustic & Blue - Healthy and oh-so-tasty 'farm to table' dishes. Every dish we had there was delicious. We went there a few times because it's THAT good. I enjoyed their Avocado Toast with a poached egg on top as well as Stef's ginormous burger. If you need a little refresher, their Acai Bowls were BOMB.


3. Ristr8to - Stef and I went to this coffee shop every morning and sometimes even before it closed in the afternoon. They've taken craft coffee to a whole other level and to top it off, they serve mouthwatering waffles. Ya'll know I went HAM on those waffles. 

4. Places Restaurant - Indiana Jones "jungle vibe" meets THE BEST GREEN CURRY OF MY LIFE. If you order the chicken wrapped in fried banana leaf, do not be a dummy and think it's "fried kale, totes fine!" and eat the banana leaf. Your stomach will very much regret it in the morning. We all make mistakes, that was definitely mine.  

5. Night Markets - You cannot go to Thailand, let alone anywhere in Southeast Asia without growing some cojones and trying the street food. The Night Market also has a ton of locally made souvenirs for super cheap which you know your lil asian girl (me) LOVED. We enjoyed grabbing small bites as we walked through the market and admired locally made crafts. 

6. Catmosphere Cat Cafe - a Galaxy themed Cat Cafe... We were in heaven, my allergies were raging but it was worth the heavy breathing and never-ending mucus.