Rescued Elephant Jungle Sanctuary

Hey friendz,

To say that I'm an animal lover is an understatement. I am that crazy cat lady whose Facebook feed is full of "Save This Animal" or "This Pup Needs Your Help!" ads. Even if it is clickbait, I always gotta see the animal advertised. Guilty as charged.

After I had seen recent videos of what abused elephants endure for tourist attractions (thx to social media), I was determined to find an elephant sanctuary and only support ecotourism. Luckily, we found the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary that rescues elephants all over Thailand and it was absolutely, positively, the HIGHLIGHT of our trip in Chiangmai. 

An employee of the sanctuary conveniently picked us up from our Airbnb and we met some amazing travelers along the way who also cared about animals just as we do. Weirdly enough, when we arrived in the jungle and I could smell the elephant poo, I got a little too excited because that meant, "We Have ARIIIIIIIIIVED!!!" *broadway voice*. We had the opportunity to hear each elephants story, where they came from, the pain they had gone through, etc. We then fed them bananas and sugar canes, gave them mud baths and then took them to the nearby river to wash them off. 

It was a magical experience to see such majestic creatures who had gone through so much abuse in the past, be happy, truly free and safe. 

Do you like elephants? Have you ever been to an Elephant Sanctuary? Leave a comment because I would love to hear ALL of your stories and interests!