Tegenungan Falls in Ubud, Bali

Stef and I are not the best planners...AT ALL. When we got to Bali, my idea of B.A.D.E (bikini all day everyday) was close to slim because we didn't realize we had booked our vacation during storm season. Can't hate on Mother Nature with what the tropics need, but COME ON! Stef and I were juggling work and play time based on when the sun would come out to say hello. And if she did, we prayed that she would stay out for just a little longer for us to get a proper adventure in. 

Driving a moto in Bali was scary. Probably the scariest I've ever been as Stef's backseat "biker babe". I trust him completely but the Balinese give no effs about foreigners on motorcycles...Especially when there's torrential down pour, no drainage and the rain drains onto the streets causing massive flooding. 

When we saw a glimpse of the sun peek out behind the clouds, we decided to take our chances and rode down to Tegenungan Falls. The moment I took my helmet off and lifted my cheeks off the moto, there was a pretty sized pool of sweat on the seat. Luckily, the majestic waterfall was the perfect refresher after a humid ride. 

I stood facing the waterfall for a solid five minutes in silence, thanking the universe and mother nature for all the beauty we have been blessed with. THIS is what traveling is all about.