The Beach of my Dreams | Ubud, Bali

While I was editing this video, it made me all giddy inside seeing how Stef and I looked at each other on this trip. I like to think that all of our travel posts from our Southeast Asia trip is our little video diary from our honeymoon. I would consider it as our "Saving Grace"...Perfect for us to look back on when we want to rip each other’s heads off as a grumpy married couple. We can remember how deep in love we were in and how attainable it is to feel that bliss matter the amount of years that pass. 
This trip was all i ever wanted on our honeymoon. Stef hates the heat while as you know, i would like to be in a bathing suit soaking up the rays all day every day. 

On this day, Stef took the reigns and decided to take me to a hidden beach, Black Beach. I didn't think anything of it when Stef mentioned we head to "Black Beach" because y'all know I'm very much a  "be here now, in the present" type of person/ I really didn't think a Black Beach was a big deal. When we got our toes in the charcoal black sand I was seriously in awe...Like mouth dropped to the floor in AWE! The sand was super fine and felt like silk on my toes. I felt like was walking on straight LUXURY. This beach is 100% my slice of heaven on earth and is by far the most beautiful beach I have ever been to… and I have been to A LOT of breathtaking beaches! 

Now lez chat about this One Piece Wonder! I got this baby on sale at Urban Outfitters and while it may be a little big in the top section, I absolutely love it. I will probably never wear a itsy bitsy teeny bikini ever again. Never say never, BUT I do feel invincibly hot in one pieces. I appreciate how this one piece sucks in every tummy curve  (i scarfed down tacos and fries before these pictures) but the criss cross detail and cut out gives this suit a sexy twist that I can't get enough of. 

Have you ever been to a black sand beach? If so, let me know where i can find more! 

P.S. If you are wondering why Stef is wearing his shirt in the blazing sun on the beach in Bali, it's because Mr. Porcelain got sunburnt and forgot to reapply his sunscreen. Life as a porcelain princess, am i right?!