Our Bali Jungle Loft // Our First Day on the Moto

If you're planning on going to Bali or anywhere in SE Asia, I highly recommend staying in Airbnb's over hotels. We found this glamorous jungle loft for a crazy affordable price AND it instantly felt like home.

All Stefano wanted to do this entire trip was to be on a motorcycle again. Naturally, he rented a very sexy custom motorcycle from Malamadre Motorcycles.  Our villa was located one kilometer outside of Ubud at Eden Estate. While most would be bummed by the distance to downtown, we found it to be refreshing at times... and a total bummer at times... especially when it rained...which was every day that we were there. 

I'll never forget the time we took the moto out for the first time. We were rushing out the door to a coworking space (The Outpost) because Stef had to be online for a meeting out in San Francisco. I held onto Stef's waist with one hand and was the navigator with good ole Google Maps in the other. The journey to The Outpost was quite the adventure. We didn't know we had to go down this steep and winding road and when we did for the first time, I prayed long and hard that we would survive. We rode down that damn road everyday for two and a half weeks. After the tenth time down, I tried to jedi mindtrick myself and thought, "its like a rollercoaster!"... and then I caught myself thinking, "but if you crash, you die...".

Rewind to the first day on the moto:

After working for a few hours in the coworking space, we noticed that a storm was well on its way and we wanted to make sure that we made it home safely before it poured. After two minutes on the road, we pulled over and scrambled for some ponchos. The sprinkling turned into rain drops the size of quarters, and the streets were instantly flooded. If you didn't know, now you know that Ubud and has a really poor drainage system. So poor, that we were riding against (I kid you not) a CURRENT in the street with raindrops that felt like golfballs. Add in "swerving around giant pot holes" and "trusting a rented motorcycle's tires" to the mix and I was praying for our lives, yet again. Meanwhile, we get to what seemed to be a familiar road and realize that our trusty Google Maps had been directing us in circles in the piercing rain for about 15 minutes. I hopped off the bike and ran under a tree to try and recollect the directions. It was in that moment for the first time ever in our relationship I saw Stefano look up to the sky in the pouring rain and scream with the most intense rage, "FUUUUUUUUUUUUCK!". I held in my laughter, squeezed him tight and we somehow made it home. When we got to our villa we were freezing from our soaking wet clothes (Thx pointless poncho). At the time we thought it was the end of the world (we tend be a tad overdramatic at times), but once we we showered and reflected on our first day, we knew that this would be a hilarious memory for our children and grandchildren. 

Anyone ever been on a motorcycle in the rain while traveling?