Summer Lookbook

I am well aware that we're technically half way through summer, but there is no doubt that San Francisco will be heating up even more in the upcoming months. Welcome to the famous Indian Summers of San Francisco. It's usually unpleasantly windy and, for me, jaw wrenchingly cold during the summer months and then delightfully warm during the fall. 

I don't know about you, but I get extremely frustrated when I see trends (i.e. torn shirts, bleached vintage tee's) that I can remake in my closet in a blink of an eye... For an even more affordable price. The moment I noticed models folding over the collars of their dress shirts for an off the shoulder look, I started seeing more pieces sold online for a ridiculous price point. I was pretty bummed to not have a single off the shoulder blouse to wear this season... Until I saw my distressed jean jacket - my creative juices started flowin'.

Voila! HELLO repurposed and reinvented off the shoulder pieces in my closet! Nice to meet you.

A little advice?

Whenever i'm uninspired and feel like i have nothing to wear, i reorganize my closet. Whether that be rearranging or color coordinating, I gut it out and go to town. I look at each piece of clothing and try to think of at least three to five ways I can repurpose that piece and pair it with another vintage or modern piece. If my creativity runs dry, I donate that item. In reality, reinventing my closet really turns into a few hours of lots of undressing, redressing, trial and error, and then finally a fashionably inspired Jam. THIS is what I got from reorganizing my closet and preparing for summer. Enjoy! 

Outfit 1- 

Triangle Knit Tank - Thrifted

Jeans - Zara Japan

Sunglasses -Quay

Gold Bracelet - Thrifted

Necklace & Hoops - Rose Gypsy

Shoes - TopShop

Outfit 2 - 

Denim Jacket - Vintage Ralph Lauren 

Skirt - Moodswing Vintage

Shoes - Steve Madden 

Necklace and Earrings - Savers Thrift

Outfit 3 - 

Button Up Dress - Muji Japan

Platforms - Steve Madden 

Earrings - Savers Thrift

Yellow Purse - Mama Sy's Vintage goodie