Every Hippies Dream Turned Nightmare - Bali


I would consider myself a nudist fashionista. It's apparent that I love styling clothes, but the moment i get home i strip down to nothing because life is SO much better naked. Nudity, my free loving spirit, along with my full support of medical cannabis (more about that in another blog post) is one of the many reasons why I would consider myself a "hippy". 

The moment we found this sustainable living Eco Dome, my jaw dropped and I instant booked it on Airbnb without any hesitation. This dome is located a little outside of Ubud that just so happens to be in the middle of a ton of rice fields and is known to have some kickass "Burner" parties filled with the most eclectic and free loving people. 

On paper, this eco dome is every hippies dream. We decided to cap off our Bali trip by staying in this bamboo oasis on our last night. We sincerely loved every bit of it, but by the end of our trip we were tired of the rain and everything being vegan. We met the sweetest couple from Australia and ended up drinking and enjoying genuine conversations. It's funny how when you meet fellow travelers, the heart to hearts just start flowing and after an hour of conversations you're the best of homies. We ended up staying up until the wee hours in the morning and had a few hours to sleep before our early flight to Singapore.

Our biggest fear during this trip was to get Dengue. Dengue fever is transmitted through mosquitos and if not taken care of ahead of time can be lethal. On our second day in Bali, Stefano went knees deep in reading horror stories about Dengue cases in Southeast Asia on good ole Reddit. The next day, we met someone who mentioned he knew someone who died from dengue not too long ago...in BALI.

I am on my honeymoon, and although I am all about au natural living, I doused that poison mosquito repellant all over my body because there aint no way in hell i'm gonna die from my honeymoon. Unfortunately, those damn mosquitos won. It's like they were jacked from the strongest warrior blood in bali because even with the repellant, I had at least twenty mosquito bites by the first half of the trip. Fast forward to when we were tucking ourselves in the fly net over the bed at the ecodome... When we woke up for our flight with the fly net wide open. The wind from the storm stripped the fly net up from under the mattress and the mosquitos had a feasting party on our skin.  I have never slept so uncomfortably in my entire life. 

We lugged our heavy luggage in the pitch dark morning where it was POURING, tip toeing on the narrow stone path in between the rice gardens on the both sides...Hoping and praying we wouldn't tip over and fall into the rice garden with all of our belongings. When we got to the outdoor lobby area, our driver was nowhere to be found. We were hungover, drenched and almost missed our flight.

All in all, it felt like a true balinese experience... with with the ups and downs of traveling.