Chasing Wildflowers

Escape into the wildflowers with us!

Since we've been back from our travels, I've been itching to get out of the Bay Area and adventure. I've also been trying to follow the "YES" mentality of pretty much saying yes to anything and everything that is offered my way. 

I knew it was long overdue to catch up with my dearest friend from high school, Rachael, and when I reached out I was so happy to follow the "yes" mentality. When I had asked her what her plans were for the upcoming week, she mentioned she was going to rent a car and drive three and a half hours away to catch the wildflowers in central California before they wilt from the heat. I instantly invited myself and that next morning we discovered one of the many gifts Mother Nature has blessed us with.  California was in a MAJOR drought last year and was thankfully saved by constant showers all over the state this year…which led to the super bloom of wildflowers.