Thrifting for Fall


It seems to be a no brainer that I have a thrifting addiction. Recently, I've been thrifting left and right, donating and then chasing those thrifted purchases with a burrito because, WHY NOT. I can feel my asian hoarding characteristics comin' in hot and i can already foresee my future as a hunchback granny thrifting day and night to get my "daily steps in".  Atleast this addiction is better for my well being than substance abuse such as sniffing bath salts, am i right?

In all seriousness, i have been trying to be a better hoarder... I find myself constantly decluttering and cleaning our home every time i purchase a new item. This is especially key in our lives since we're currently living in a teeny 600 square foot apartment in San Francisco with two cats and a pup. 

With it officially being fall a few days ago, the Pumpkin Spice Latte lover in me has been getting all jazzed up for fall. Although my armpits are ultra clammy due to the famous "San Francisco Indian Summer", I am thinking ahead for when the temperatures drop (fingers crossed - SOON). 

I was looking through my closet, feeling uninspired this fall so I headed to my favorite, Savers Thrift Store, to "look around". Lord Baby Jesus, I hit the jackpot...

I get such a thrill from finding trendy pieces that i spotted in Vogue or Elle and making it my own for super cheap. This lil Filipina is a deal hunter and i know im gonna look/feel fly when the cooler temperatures hit... All thanks to my bestie, Savers Thrift Store. (not sponsored..but so wish i was.)

Trends for fall that I successfully thrifted all in ONE SWOOP:

1) Turtleneck sweaters

2) Plaid business pants

3) Ultra soft sweaters (not pictured but in my Thrift Haul Video... go ahead, i know you want to watch it.)

4) Crochet duster

5) Denim skirt

6) Beret (Thrifted in Tokyo)