Why I Thrift & My Top 7 Thrifting Tips

Maybe its the thrifty asian in me, but..... No, it is definitely the asian in me and I wear it PROUD. I am first generation filipino american. My parents worked extremely hard to put their three kids in catholic private school as well as let us play competitive soccer, theatre, singing lessons, and pretty much any extracurricular activity we dreamt of. 

Growing up, my parents would take me to "consignment" stores which I later realized is a fancier name for thrift store. They were/still are embarrassed to thrift. They're warming up to the idea that it is resourceful and cool to purchase second hand items. Of course, pride is huge in the filipino culture which is why the thriftiest of the older generation of filipinos wouldn't dare to admit that they thrift. But you already know, I on the other hand - chassé'n with all my thrifted threads.

I could not be happier that people are finally putting their classism aside and realize that it is cool to thrift. Not only for the deals, but to leave less of a carbon footprint on this earth. 

To see all of my thrifting tips, click the video below!